David Shingler

David Shingler is a North Carolina based artist whose work is featured in prestigious galleries across the United States. Inspired broadly by the dramatic landscapes of the West, all the way to the open fields and ocean vistas of the East coast, David integrates these influences into his own personal technique and painting style.

About David's Work

David has developed his unique style over several decades, focusing on a wide range of subject matter, including: landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, coastal settings and still life amongst others.

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'Bear Lake. RMNP. Colorado' -2021
  • Jamie Thomas (Pro. Skateboarder)

    Thank you David Shingler for this amazing oil painting; this is definitely one of the most amazing gifts...

  • Maddie Poppe (American Idol)

    I am COMPLETELY HONORED for the opportunity to make this painting for American Idal winner Maddie Poppe...

  • Rudy Ruettiger (Football Hero)

    I am beyond excited that my painting serves as the background in the film: The Walk On.

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